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Fort Worth Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer

There are Many americans out there that are haunted by their past mistakes. A criminal record, as we already know, can destroy your livelihood and place many restrictions on your life. However, not everyone is aware that those arrests and convictions that keep popping up in your background checks may be able to disappear. That’s right, even if you were never actually convicted of a crime, merely arrested for it, that can still show up on background checks. Arrests tend to be a lot worse than the actual charge you end up with. It’s a common scare tactic to try and get you to plea for a lesser case. Getting rid of your arrest or conviction record can be tricky, that’s why it takes an experienced criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Jeff S. Hoover to clear your Tarrant County arrest records.

Who can see expunged records

When an expungement is filed and approved, all your Tarrant County arrest records and convictions will be destroyed. You can actually legally say you have never been convicted or charged of the crime expunged if you are ever asked.

How Do I Get My Record Expunged

There are many types of criminal charges that are eligible to be expunged under Texas law. Given the right circumstances, one can expunge arrests and convictions. Some of those circumstances include

• If a person is tried for an offense and found not guilty
• If you are convicted, but later pardoned
• Your charges are dismissed
• If you receive deferred adjudication on a class C misdemeanor

The criminal record expungement process is complex and confusing. There are lots of reasons why one can or can’t receive an expungement, and it takes an experienced attorney on your side to successfully complete an expungement. Take advantage of the free consultation to find out if you are eligible. Fear not, if you find out you’re not eligible, you have options! Under the right circumstances, you can get your record sealed. A sealed court record functions in a similar manner as expungement except that it just keeps it from being seen. It’s called a non disclosure agreement and it is often the solution when expungement isn’t.

Let’s Clear Your Record Together

How Long Does it Take to Seal a Record

When it comes to matters as sensitive as this, you might have a lot of questions. When criminal record expungement isn’t an option, sealing your record is an excellent alternative. The process is quite similar to that of expungement, the proper paperwork will have to be filed with the court that handled the offenseand must be granted by the judge.

Who Can See Sealed Records

Once your NDA has been granted by the judge, no one but law enforcement or anyone on this list can see your criminal record. Most importantly, your sealed criminal record isn’t available to prospective employers!

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If you have a criminal record or arrest you’d like to prevent potential employers from seeing, call someone who’s dealt with these matters before. The Law Office of Jeff S. Hoover has the experienced needed to successfully get you a criminal record expungement or NDA. Call us today @ 817-335-9500 for a free consultation on your case.