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Fort Worth Car Wreck Lawyer

Have you been injured in a car wreck? You need to call an experienced car wreck lawyer immediately! Time is running out to file your personal injury claim, in Texas you only get 2 years from date of the injury. You may even be getting pressures from the other party’s insurance company to make a settlement. Never make a settlement without an attorney on your side. These insurance companies are well-versed in dealing with auto accidents and they will do everything they can to get a deal as quickly as possible to avoid trial. They tend to get a better deal when it’s on their terms. That’s why you need to call the Law Office of Jeff S. Hoover today for a free case evaluation. Our personal injury expertise will get you every penny you deserve.

Should I Get an Attorney After a Car Accident

Of course, there are incidents where you won’t necessarily need a car accident lawyer. Minor wrecks where no one sustained an injury, maybe. Even then it is still suggested to get fully checked out at the doctor after any car wreck, no matter how minor. Injuries don’t always reveal themselves right away. If your car wreck involved any of the following, it is imperative you call your auto accident attorney immediately:

• Even if just more than one person was involved in the car wreck, it is highly recommended to call an attorney to be safe.
• If one or more persons sustained an injury.
• If anyone involved was uninsured.

It is within your rights to represent yourself in such a car wreck, minor or not, but not recommended. These insurance companies spend millions of dollars on their litigation teams and they know how to push you around and get what they want.

What To Do After a Car Accident

You likely haven’t even thought about the process right after an accident. As you, our client, we don’t want you to have to think about the nightmare that is dealing with insurance. But there are many actions you can make to expedite and ensure a successful case, including the following:

• Call the police and get a police report.
• Exchange information with the other drivers, per usual.
• Get contact information from any potential witnesses that say they will backup your account of the incident
• TAKE PHOTOS. Not just of your car, or the cars involved, but of the area around the car wreck. also include pictures of injuries to yourself or anyone in your car
• Even if you don’t think medical attention is needed, get checked out anyways. That way everything is documented.
• Contact your insurance company, of course.
• Now here’s the important part, give your attorney at the Law Office of Jeff S. Hoover a call.

Free Case Evaluation

How To Handle a Car Wreck Case in Texas

Your car wreck lawyer will know exactly how to handle your case. Every case is different, therefore the process is going to be a bit different. After the incident and after you seek medical attention (recommended to not move forward without doing so) the Law Office of Jeff S. Hoover will call the insurance companies involved and and open a claim. Now, the investigation. We will obtain all necessary documentation, including police reports, medical records and anything else needed to prove your case. The next part can take some time, depending on the injuries sustained from the car wreck. Your injuries need to be fully assessed before the case can move forward, meaning we need to know if your injuries are permanent or how extensive your permanent injuries are. Once your injuries have been assessed, it’s time to start the negotiating. Most cases end here with negotiation and don’t go to trial. However, if an agreement can’t be met, a lawsuit will have to be filed. Once the insurance company accepts our demand for settlement, it’s time to get paid. Your medical bills and any other bills accrued during this period will be paid off. Including your attorney fee, everything will be taken out of the lump sum received from the insurance company

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Don’t hesitate to call, we are here for you in your time of need. The Law Office of Jeff S. Hoover offers a free case evaluation, so let’s have a chat and see how we can help you get back on your feet. We work on contingency, which means you don’t pay a thing, ever. Even if we lose the case, you still don’t pay anything.Give us a call @ 817-335-9500 or visit our office today.